The college recordholder for hits played top notch baseball 和 much 更多的. 

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四月底,第五年 生物学西班牙语 language double major 和 shortstop Garrison Ferone’22 got his 205打, breaking 贝洛伊特’s all-time record previously held by Mike Kovach’11. At a doubleheader against Cornell College less than a week later, the Bucs clinched the Midwest Conference championship for the first time since 2016.

Needless to say, it’s been an astronomical year for Ferone, now crowned the college’s “Hit King.” But it’s one year built on four others, including a semester 出国留学 位于厄瓜多尔海岸外的加拉帕戈斯群岛. 他这个夏天将在俄勒冈州做生物学研究, then start graduate school in tropical ecology 和 conservation back in Ecuador in the fall.


这对我来说是一件非常令人兴奋的事情, but it kind of crept up — I didn’t really know much about it because when you’re playing, 你更专注于赢球和在球场上做好自己的工作. A few people started to mention that I was getting close to that record. My teammates actually got the ball for me — my 205打 — 和 stopped the game to ask the umpires if we could get the ball 和 keep it. 我最好的朋友之一, 托马斯Kosakowski的23, 把它给了我,队里的每个人都签了名, 这样我就会永远记住这段记忆. 这段时间很短暂,因为我们需要赢得那场比赛, 所以没有太多时间去细想发生了什么. It was definitely really cool 和 I was thankful to have been recognized for that.


太疯狂了. In all my years here, I never had a 更多的 emotional 和 fun game than that one. Winning the championship game was the highlight of my baseball career. We had a big Gatorade tub 和 threw that in the air 和 everyone was jumping all over the place. 那是我在场上经历过的最酷的时刻. I completely forgot about all the record stuff because that’s what we really worked for.


我在这里有五个不同的团队, 还有我的头几年, I didn’t really underst和 team dynamics 和 how that played a role in success on the field. 过去的两三年, I’ve started to underst和 how getting along with everybody factors into winning 和 how everyone interacting with each other 和 playing for each other plays an important role. Now that we’ve gotten to be so close as a team 和 everybody hangs out together 和 gets along well 和 plays for each other, 我想这就是我们这么优秀的原因. That’s setting the stage for the younger guys to keep passing forward that good attitude.


教练DeGeorge is is one of the most prominent figures I’m grateful for at 贝洛伊特. 他是我见过的最有天赋的演说家之一. 他用积极的方式呈现消极的结果. When we have a failure on the team or don’t play up to our st和ards, he does a great job of pointing out the teaching moments 和 making us feel like it’s a learning opportunity. He’s very good at interacting with each player on an individual level. He’s really funny in high stress moments on the field — he’s a good person to ground you. He’s definitely the best coach I’ve ever had 和 a really good dude.


I’ve respected 和 gotten along well with the professors in 西班牙语 和 生物学, 我从这些课程中学到了很多. I think they did a great job preparing me for study abroad 和 graduation. One of the most interesting classes I’ve taken was Latino Studies with 西班牙语 professor 西尔维亚•洛佩兹. It’s a good class because it highlights a lot of the underrepresented conflicts that we’ve had in the past with Latin America. I think Sylvia does a great job of giving her students a chance to learn about Latin American cultures, 哪些在美国如此突出. 生物学教授 Tawnya卡里, who got me into fisheries 生物学 和 environmental science to begin with, 在水生生物和生态学方面教会了我很多.


Just being able to spend time with my teammates 和 coaches was the most heartwarming thing. It gave me the chance to have a friend group right when I came into the school, which was important because I was pretty nervous about who I was going to spend all of my time with. I think the most enjoyable thing about the baseball team was going to Florida with them 和 going to away games 和 staying in hotels. 一个50人的家庭在一起是很酷的. They’re really supportive guys, 和 every year, the older guys mentor the younger guys. 年长的人教我窍门,给我看, “以下是你如何参与更大事业的方法.“然后再通过年轻人传递下去. It’s a system that breeds a lot of positivity 和 a lot of good friends between us.

Q: What was your biggest takeaway from studying in the Galapagos?

Being able to meet people from different backgrounds 和 cultures 和 feel a part of something different pulled me from my comfort zone. And being able to continue my focus points of study 和 perform research 和 meet scientists who were into the same things I was into. I want to continue to do similar types of research with fishery sciences 和 environmental 生物学. I went into my study abroad trip with a level of 西班牙语 that wasn’t enough to hold conversations very fluently, 和 because I took advantage of all the opportunities to learn the language, 我出来的时候比进来的时候进步了很多.


海狮真的很酷, 还有逆戟鲸、海豚和海龟, 但我最喜欢的其实是小雀鲷, these little reef fish that pick up sea urchins off of their habitats 和 throw them to one side. 这很酷. We did a little study of their behavior, 和 I really liked those fish a lot.


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