Today is Commencement. Congratulations to the Beloit College Class of 2024.
Athletics at Beloit College

Play the sport you love

Beloit 运动员s compete because they want to. Each 运动员 is passionate about getting the most out of their college experience: pursuing a meaningful liberal arts education, being part of a close-knit community, 和 playing the game they love.

That experience is a powerful combination. College 运动员s are recognized as valuable hires by employers, being able to work in teams, set goals, work to attain them, manage time, 和 solve problems with resilience.

During Practice

Your teammates are your closest friends 和 your toughest adversaries. 的y come from all over the world 和 push you every day to be the very best version of yourself as both an 运动员 和 as a teammate.

In the Classroom

Beloit student-运动员s are classroom leaders in teamwork 和 discipline, bringing the tenacity they’ve honed in the gym 和 on the court 和 showing the whole campus the benefits of consistent hard work.

On the Field

的 Bucs have a proud tradition of being unselfish, team-first, winners. Your teammates will hold you accountable, will have your back, 和 will raise you up. At Beloit, we win as one.

in their own words

Hear from Beloit 运动员s


Garrison Ferone'22

“的y’re really supportive guys, 和 every year, the older guys mentor the younger guys. 的n that gets passed on. It’s a system that breeds a lot of positivity 和 a lot of good friends between us.” - Garrison Ferone’22

Ben’25 和 Max’23
游泳 & 潜水

Ben'25 和 Max'23 Saladar

“Being a student-运动员 means you have to find a balance between sports, 睡眠, 和 school while at the same time getting to represent our college in our sport. It’s a tricky balance to find, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.” - Ben Saladar’25

Addy’24, Liz’24, Hannah’24
Women’s Basketball

Hannah Welte, Addy Ciochon, 和 Liz Kalk (all class of 2024) have shot hoops together since they ...

“At Beloit College, I came in not knowing what I wanted to do or what I was interested in. It’s really helping me find what I’m passionate about.” - Addy Ciochon’24

A Career in Broadcasting

Calling the big leagues

Joe Davis’10 soared to a coveted post as the play-by-play announcer for the L.A. Dodgers after iconic broadcaster Vin Scully retired.

Pursuing the profession you love, excelling wildly, 和 being well compensated for it—that’s pretty much anyone’s definition of a dream job. And it is certainly Joe Davis’s, who will be the first to tell you that he didn’t build his career all on his own.

It took a college. Beloit “set me up to get ahead of the curve when I graduated,” Davis says.

Read Joe’s story

Hard work behind the scenes is one secret to Davis's success. Even in the off-season, he's often ...

Excellence in Everything

Athlete, archivist, Fulbright scholar

Eva Laun-Smith’21, a history major 和 decorated track 和 fieldvolleyball 运动员, graduated with highest honors from Beloit 和 with a Fulbright Student Award to teach English in South Korea.

“I think Beloit has taught me that anything is as good as you make it,” says Laun-Smith. “Going into this [track & field] program, I’m just going to make it the best experience that I can.”

Read Eva’s story

Eva Laun-Smith'21 competes in the 2018 NCAA Division III Outdoor Track 和 Field Championships Ev...

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